The NOAH Team

NOAH Advisors - Marco Rodzynek

Marco Rodzynek

Managing Director and Founder
of NOAH Advisors (April 2009)

Previous Experience

  • Lehman Brothers, 1998 – April 2009 (acquired by Nomura end 2008)
  • Head of Internet, Media Investment Banking
  • 40+ completed M&A deals with a total transaction value of over $ 95 billion

Contact Details

marco.rodzynek [AT]
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Jan Brandes NOAH Advisors

Jan Brandes

Managing Director
With NOAH Advisors since August 2010

Previous Experience

  • Lehman Brothers, 2005 – May 2010 (acquired by Nomura end 2008)
  • Media/TMT Investment Banking
  • 15+ completed M&A deals

Contact Details

jan.brandes [AT]
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NOAH Advisors - Justus Lumpe

Justus Lumpe

Managing Director
With NOAH Advisors since December 2015

Previous Experience

  • Lehman Brothers / Nomura, Industrials, 2005-2012
  • Royal Bank of Canada, Industrials, 2013-2015
  • 15+ completed M&A deals

Contact Details

justus.lumpe [AT]

NOAH Advisors Nikhil Parmar

Nikhil Parmar

With NOAH Advisors since July 2012

Previous Experience

  • BSc in Economics and MSc in Economics (with specialisation in Finance) from the London School of Economics
NOAH Advisors Aleksander Skwarczek

Aleksander Skwarczek

With NOAH Advisors since September 2015

Previous Experience

  • Investment banking and corporate finance experience from IPOPEMA Securities, EY and KPMG
  • MSc in Finance and Accounting from Warsaw School of Economics and Sogang Business School

NOAH Advisors - Aicha Fakhir

Aicha Fakhir

With NOAH Advisors since May 2016

Previous Experience

  • Financial Analyst at Société Générale, Auditor at BNP Paribas
  • Advanced Master in Finance from ESCP Europe and Msc in Management (with specialisation in Finance) from ISG Paris
NOAH Advisors - Guglielmo Tognon

Guglielmo Tognon

With NOAH Advisors since April 2016

Previous Experience

  • BSc in Management from Bocconi University and MSc in Management (with specialisation in finance) from the University of Mannheim

Marco Bombach NOAH Advisors

Marco Bombach

Creative Director
With NOAH Advisors since June 2010

Previous Experience

  • Digital content creation, creative concept development, covering the full audio-visual production chain, content distribution and optimization for all media channels
  • 14+ years in the new media industry, 10+ years audio-visual productions
NOAH Advisors - Marina Krolovich

Marina Khrolovich

With NOAH Advisors since January 2012

Previous Experience

  • Manager in International Business Department of SOE “Belaeronavigation” (Civil Aviation Industry)
  • Specialist degree, Economics and Industrial Management, Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics
NOAH Advisors - Gema Alba

Gema Alba

New Media Designer
With NOAH Advisors since June 2015

Previous Experience

  • 12+ years experience in visual and user interface design, and UI development.
NOAH Advisors - Daniel Wasowicz

Daniel Wasowicz

Head of Data Team
With NOAH Advisors since February 2016

Previous Experience

  • Assistant Director of Sales in HERMES POLAND
  • Business Owner’s assistant in Ledkos
NOAH Advisors - Angelika Sharygina

Angelika Sharygina

Social Media & Communications
With NOAH Advisors since April 2016

Previous Experience

  • Master of Arts in International Relations and Political Science from Kings College London.
  • Previous work experience in diplomatic sector and BBC World News.

NOAH Advisors - Livia Götz

Livia Götz

Director Conference Management
With NOAH Advisors since April 2016

Previous Experience

  • Organizing and executing 30+ successful corporate events annually as Event Manager throughout Europe
  • 5+ years managing operations in the hospitality industry
NOAH Advisors - Petra Ban

Petra Ban

Conference and Customer Care Manager
With NOAH Advisors since May 2016

Previous Experience

  • 12+ years of Corporate Travel and Sales in Europe and Australia

NOAH Advisors - Paula García

Paula García

With NOAH Advisors since January 2016

Previous Experience

  • Sales & Marketing, QP Magazine @ The Telegraph, London
  • Client Service, Global Forest Partners, NH, USA
  • Senior Sales Account Manager, MM @ ProSiebenSat1, Munich, Germany
  • Media Sales Director, Lycos Europe (Bertelsman), Hamburg, Germany
NOAH Advisors - Lea Vajnorsky

Lea Vajnorsky

Business Development
With NOAH Advisors since October 2016

Previous Experience

  • Bachelor of Arts, Public Relations with Event Management, London University of the Arts
  • Business Development Burda Intermedia Publishing GmbH
  • Junior Executive Programe Axel Springer Media Impact
  • Entrepreneur Market41
  • Previous work experience in the Hessian Parliament and Saatchi & Saatchi